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Front loading washing machines come with a wide range of advantages. They provide us with more options when it comes to arranging laundry in tight spaces. Simply put, they make doing laundry much easier than ever before. However, there is one aspect of these machines that people have failed to consider. They will actually leave your clothes smelling worse than they did when they were placed in the machine.

When you look into the washing machine, you will typically see a piece of rubber lining around the opening. All it takes is one peek beneath that lining to see where the problems lie: Dirt and debris tend to build up in this area quite often.

Photo: Pixabay

Once this dirt and debris have a chance to accumulate, the laundry is simply not going to smell as nice as you would hope. The dirt becomes wet as a result of the washing cycle, creating a mildew scent that will not go away. Since the laundry does not have a chance to fully dry, the clothes take on a moldy smell.

Of course, no one wants their clothes to smell like mold. There are also potential health risks that need to be addressed. The solution is a simple one to implement and we are more than happy to offer it to you. Grab some of your favorite cleaning solution, soak a cloth, and use it to wipe down the underside of the lining. Be sure to wipe down the washing machine lid, too.

As soon as these easy steps are complete, grab some distilled vinegar. Add a few cups to the machine and run a warm washing cycle. This will work wonders when it comes to the machine’s level of cleanliness. If you would like to remain proactive and stay ahead of the game in the months to come, you should repeat the process every four to six weeks.

This is the best hack for anyone who is getting tired of the nasty smells that have a way of lingering on our clothes long after we have washed them.

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