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Those of us who love to watch all of the Marvel and DC films have probably picked a few fights about which is better: Marvel or DC. Beyond that, we’ve also probably argued about the best superhero!

As it turns out, the most popular superhero varies by country and UK-based video game retailer GAME decided to map it all out. Literally.

The company first broke the world into groups of which countries prefer Marvel and which prefer DC.

Photo: GAME

Beyond that, GAME broke down each country’s favorite superhero! However, this is where the true shockers begin. The USA did not actually pick Captain America, but Spider-Man!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Funny enough, Captain America was a favorite for Canada and Australia.

Wonder Woman won Russia and the Hulk dominated a large part of South America.

Photo: flickr/marvelousRoland

The overall winner across the board was Spider-Man, being a fan favorite in 57 different countries.

Check out the map below:

Photo: GAME

The favorites were determined based on Google search volume data.

Does your favorite superhero align with your country’s favorite? Let us know!

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