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Take-out food is convenient and beloved by people around the world. If you find that you were looking up take out options more in 2020 than other years, you are not alone. In fact, some trends came out that are rather interesting, including one that is reported on by MoneyBeach, an insurance comparison company.

Google search data was analyzed from 109 countries. They found out that searching for “pizza takeaway” was one of the top queries related to food in 44 different nations. It was also the most popular in Italy, it’s home country as well as in Argentina, Barbados, India, and Morocco.

Photo: Unsplash

29 countries had Chinese food as the second most popular search term. Those countries included the United States, Mexico, the UK, and Australia. Incidentally, China also made the list for “Chinese food” queries.

The only other takeaway dish that managed to break into double digits, being searched for in 10 countries, is sushi.

Photo: Sushi

Coming in fourth place was “fish and chips” in six different countries, including Fiji and Canada. Fried chicken is listed as number five, being popular in five countries.

Photo: Unsplash

Other popular Takeaway dishes in various parts of the world include Indian food, Korean food, Thai food, tapas, tacos, burritos, pasta, kebabs, and Malaysian food. They were popular, but none of them were popular in more than five countries.

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