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There is nothing quite like hearing that knock on the door when the pizza delivery guy shows up. It’s one of those treats that is not only delicious, it keeps us from having to cook for at least one night (not including leftovers).

Most of us don’t give much thought to the person delivering our pizza. We may give them a tip and be thankful that they showed up at our door, but it tends to be a random individual that doesn’t come again until the next pizza is ordered.

Perhaps that is why we are so amazed by the bigheartedness of a police officer in Murrieta, California. How would you feel if somebody in a police uniform showed up at your front door with your pizza delivery? We know that police are out there to “protect and serve,” but this cop took things to an entirely new level.

The world was alerted to the kindness of the police officer after the Murrieta Police Department posted a picture on Facebook on December 11. Officer Datil was shown holding a pizza and walking toward a home. I’m sure that the hungry person on the other side of the door was more than happy to realize that the pizza was on its way, especially when they saw the police show up to deliver it.

File this one under “wouldn’t you be surprised…”Earlier today Officer Datil was out and about doing traffic…

Posted by Murrieta Police Department on Friday, December 11, 2020

According to the Facebook post: “Officer Datil was out and about doing traffic enforcement when he spotted a violator.”

That violator just happened to be delivering a pizza at the time. After determining that they had an outstanding felony warrant, an arrest was made. This may make us think twice about the people who are delivering our pizza. I’m sure that better screening is in order.

After arresting the violator, he didn’t feel that it was right for the person to wait forever to get the pizza pie they had ordered. That is when he decided to do the right thing and deliver the pizza to the hungry citizen.

Although most pizza delivery drivers will get a tip for their efforts, the smile on the face of the customer was the only tip necessary.

We live in a world that often sheds a negative light on the police department. It’s nice to hear some positive news for a difference.

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