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Some optical illusions come about because of an unusual picture or perhaps a computer graphic. They are designed to be optical illusions.

At other times, however, we may have been looking at something our entire life and we had no idea that we were seeing what we were seeing. The thing is, once you finally see it, you are never going to stop seeing it again.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It seems as if that is what we have in a common deck of cards. When you stop to think about the number of times you have shuffled through a deck of cards and held them in your hand, you probably wonder how an optical illusion could possibly exist that was right in front of your face.

In reality, it was something that may have gone into the design of the card and it was there all along. Whether or not it was designed to be an optical illusion has yet to be determined, but the fact that it is unusual is plain for everyone to see.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When you take a look at the cards, flip to the card that has the number eight on it. It doesn’t matter what suit you are looking at, the unusual illusion is there.

When you look at the spaces between the diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs on the number eight card, you will see that it actually is in the figure of a number eight in between those items. It isn’t easy to see at first but once you see it, you may never look at the number eight card the same way again.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

So, the next time you are playing cards with friends or family, you will have something interesting to show them.

Who knows, you may even get them to tip their hand when they show you!

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