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As the seasons change we come to rely on the ceiling more in warmer months. But, honestly, we end up using it at least a little bit even in the cooler parts of the year. But, have you ever really looked at the fan blades? They can get extremely gunky, collecting grease particles from cooking which is the perfect adhesive for dust and hair to stick to. Yikes.

white ceiling fan
Via/ Flickr

Cleaning the ceiling fans in your home can be quite the chore as it often means cleaning whatever is under the fans as well. Fluffy clouds of sticky, grey dust often fall down when you try to clean the blades and this can happen even if you use the wand and brush attachment on your vacuum. But, there is a way to make this chore more simpler by using something most of us on hand already: an old pillowcase.

dirty ceiling fan blade
Via/ Flickr

Watch the video below to find out to clean your ceiling fans in a mess-free way.