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Let’s have a moment of honesty here. We have all been forced to drink some cheap beers in our lifetime. Whether you are someone who survived on Natural Ice in college or you have purchased a case of Busch when your paychecks don’t seem to carry you as far as you’d like, cheap beer a relatable experience for all of us. This hack is here to change all of that, though.

As it turns out, you can combine your beer and pickles to create a much higher quality beverage.

Are you ready to place some pickles in your next glass of cheap beer? It may not sound like a great idea to most, but here we are, ready to dispel all of the rumors. If you place a pickle into your next glass of inexpensive light beer, it is going to taste much better than you would normally expect.

The hack’s not new to some. Esquire readers can probably remember a piece that was written about this exact subject back in 2017. Joe McClure (the man behind McClure’s Pickles) went in depth on the topic back then and the scientific reasoning for this phenomenon is not that hard to understand, either. It’s the same reason why French fries and pretzels taste so great alongside your can of cheap beer: The salt and vinegar notes are able to complement each other in the perfect manner.

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But do be warned, you’re not going to want to put a pickle in your favorite IPA or stout. Save them for the cheapest of beer! In fact, good ‘ol reliable Pabst Blue Ribbon is probably your best bet to try it out.

When you add the pickle, the beer is going to spend a lot of time fizzing and foaming before it’s ready to drink.

Toss a pickle in your next cheap beer, take a few sips, and let us know how it treats you. It’s a great way to use up those extra pickles that you have lying around.

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