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It may seem easy, but my first Thanksgiving was somewhat of a disaster. I was naive to think that I could handle making the stuffing, turkey, gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and more from scratch in 24 hours. It now makes sense to me why we need to rely on some pre-made sauces and mixers to accomplish this almost impossible task ourselves.

American Pecans partnered with Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a Brooklyn-based bakery, to create the Pecans ThanksEverything Pie. Each pie consists of eight slices featuring a different classic dish you’d find at your family’s Thanksgiving meal. From the main course to the desert, this pie has you covered!

Photo: American Pecans

Here’s a breakdown of each slice:

Turkey: turkey pot pie with pecan crust

Cranberry: cranberry sauce with toasted pecans

Stuffing: a mix of squash, pecan, and sausage

Mac & Cheese: made with pecan breadcrumbs

Sweet Potato Casserole: made with candied pecans

Green Bean Casserole: made with sliced pecans

Roasted Veggies & Potato Mash: made with chopped pecans

Pecan Pie: made with chocolate

The Pecans ThanksEverything Pie is available at Four & Twenty Blackbirds’ flagship in Gowanus, Brooklyn on Nov. 15. There will only be a limited number of pies available so you better get there quickly!

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