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Thanks to TikTok, we are now one step closer to living out the ultimate dream. We have always dreamed about having pasta in an easy snack form and on TikTok user has shared a way to make just that.

TikTok user @bostonfoodgram shared how to make pasta chips using an air fryer and people are obsessed. In fact, they seem to have taken over the app as the latest food trend!

Photo: TikTok/bostonfoodgram

Who doesn’t love a crunchy chip that is fully dippable? We love pasta and we love chips, so this is a classic win/win. It’s also a great snack for anyone who can appreciate some good old-fashioned carbohydrates.

To make these for yourself, you’ll want to start by boiling the pasta like you’d normally prepare it. Strain the cooked pasta and pour it into a boil.

Photo: TikTok/bostonfoodgram

Next, add olive oil, garlic powder, and onion powder, and mix them together with the pasta. Try to make sure every piece is covered equally. You can sprinkle in some parmesan cheese or cheese substitute too.

Photo: TikTok/bostonfoodgram

Lay the pasta out and bake it in an air fryer for 7 minutes at 400 degrees, flipping halfway through.

Photo: TikTok/bostonfoodgram

Enjoy with a side of marinara sauce!


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