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Who remembers the movies? And I’m not talking about streaming movies from the comfort of our homes on a Saturday night in quarantine, I’m talking about going to a movie theatre. Prior to the pandemic, most of us probably didn’t think twice about a trip to the cinema. In fact, most of us probably took these outings for granted. But after lockdown, most of us crave the experience of going to the movies and snacking on some yummy buttered popcorn while watching a film.

The pandemic has caused a lot of people to get creative with their movie-viewing practices. We’ve seen a major rise in drive-in movie experiences. But one French cinema event is really taking it to the next level with a boat-in movie experience! Set to happen on the 18th of July, the event will be taking place right on the Seine River in Paris.

Posted by Ville de Paris on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Le Cinema Sur L’Eau, or Cinema on the Water, will see a huge 52-by-29 foot screen set up on the shore, while 38 electric boats will be holding 150 people in the water to enjoy the movie. Incredibly, the event will be free, with tickets being handed out through a lottery system. The open drawing begins on the 15th of July, with the lucky people being told through email.

Besides the 150 seat capacity on the water, there will be another 150 lawn chairs placed along the riverbank in order for people to sit and water the movie. The film that will be featured is the 2018 comedy, “Le Grand Bain,” a comedy about a depressed man who finds himself joining an all-male synchronized swimming team full of middle-aged men.

The event is going to be part of something bigger: Paris Plages, or Paris Beaches. It’s an annual event sponsored by the city of Paris for its local residents which creates the beach aesthetic amid the urban settings of the river banks. It normally runs from the 18th of July to the 30th of August. Undoubtedly, this year will see some social distance measures, but it’ll still be a nice change to quarantine.

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