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Returning from the VA hospital, I suggested to my husband that we look for a campground close to home for future use. Because he was tired I fully expected him to say “Not today,” but he agreed. Our GPS told us to turn down a particular road out in the middle of nowhere.

We met a car and the driver was looking in the side-view mirror. About 50 yards behind the car we saw something running along the edge of the road…. a little dog running as fast as she could go on 3 legs….one front leg was broken just above the “knee” and swinging back and forth.

We stopped and she tried to get in the truck. My husband picked her up and put her in my lap. Even with a broken leg, she showed no aggression…just wanted to kiss me.


Although it was after hours, our vet met us at the clinic and set her leg. He said it probably had been broken a couple days earlier. Thankfully we had Care Credit to spread out the cost of her medical bills.

We brought her home and she settled right in. The leg in a splint didn’t stop her one bit. She ran and played with the other dogs and cat, and used her splinted leg as a weapon to whack the cat.

I called local vets, put lost and found notices on local radio stations, and posted “Found” signs. She had no microchip, collar, or tags. Never found the owner, and really didn’t want to.


We think perhaps her leg got broken and the owner, probably the person in that car we met, found out how much it was going to cost and dumped her on that lonely road with no houses around for a long way.

After a couple of times having the leg re-splinted, it has healed nicely.

God and our GPS took us out of route for a reason. “Lucky” has been a great addition to our family. As you can see in the photo, she sometimes sleeps with our 16-pound cat…also a rescue.

Henning, MN

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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