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If you have a kids’ bathroom in your home that is being taken over with bits and bobs, then it’s time for a major organizing session. But, how do you corral all those small things like hair accessories and toys? Well, there are a few steps you can take in order to tame the chaos.

messy kids bathroom drawer
Via/ YouTube

The first tip is to sort out everything you have by grouping everything together (if possible) and making three piles: keep, donate, and trash. This will thin out the amount of stuff you need to store.

Then you can make room in the small space by decanting products when applicable, like Band-Aids and Q-tips. Doing this means that some items that could previously only fit in the medicine cabinet or behind cabinet doors can potentially be stowed away in drawers.

organized storage under bathroom vanity
Via/ YouTube

Next it’s time to get creative with organizers. Don’t be afraid to use kitchen organizers in the bathroom, especially clear ones like utensil holders. Also, the use of small stand-up magazine holders is a great way to add cheap storage to the bathroom. Some hair dryers even fit perfectly inside them (depending on the size of each) and can keep the cord contained. This can make putting hair appliances away really easy. In the video below they even come up with a really genius way to store girls’ headbands using an oatmeal container and a tension rod! See more on how to organize a kids’ bathroom in the video below.

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