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Those who live a gluten-free lifestyle will often struggle to find the perfect foods. There are too many brands that simply do not consider the needs of those with dietary restrictions, but Oreo is looking to change the game for cookie lovers. They are going to be adding a permanent gluten-free cookie to their roster.

The gluten-free options will come as the classic cookies as well as Double Stuf. They are making their way to store shelves in January 2021. This gives us plenty of time to prepare ourselves, by clearing the necessary space in the pantry. Even if you are not someone who has dietary restrictions, it is always nice to have something on hand for those that do.

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The gluten-free Oreos will cost the same as the regular kind and they are made with real cocoa!

Now that we know these new cookies will be available as soon as 2021 rolls around, this gives us all the more reason to be psyched for next year!

In the meantime, you could try a gluten-free cookie recipe at home. Who else is stoked about this news from Oreo?