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Oreo is always coming up with all sorts of new and interesting ideas, aren’t they? It seems like we are finding out some sort of innovation that they have devised on a weekly basis at this point.

Once you have had the chance to find out more about their latest plans, you won’t be able to stop laughing. This is one of the most clever plans that they have come up with yet.

Photo: Pixabay

Can you believe that they have decided to hide the delicious cookies from us in plain sight? That’s right. Their limited-edition run of camouflaged packages is too funny.

If you are on the hunt for Oreo Thins and cannot find any, there is about to be a very good reason for that. As they shared on Instagram, “No one can eat your THINS if they can’t find them.”

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The Oreo name that is normally on the side of the packaging has been replaced with a wide range of other brands, such as The Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book, the owner’s manual for the Ford Maverick, Green Giant Riced Veggies, and even Hanes Tagless T-Shirt three packs. This is next-level trickery!

The cookies are able to hide out from us in a number of different locations and none of them look all that out of place. “Our latest drop: limited-edition OREO THINS camouflaged packs.We figured no one can eat your THINS if they can’t find them!” said the official Oreo account on Twitter. This has us ready to hide to the grocery store to learn more.

Photo: Instagram/oreo

Just imagine how easy it will be to have Oreos out in plain sight now! If you have any reservations about keeping cookies out in your home (for whatever reason, we do not judge), these camouflage packages are sure to keep your favorite treats safe from the sweet tooth types.

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