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7-Eleven is a massive chain and they have the cult following to match. When they announce one of their famed promotions, everyone stops to listen. We are all about Free Slurpee Day and we don’t care who knows it. Their pizzas are always on point and for the price, you can’t possibly beat them.

This is a company that knows an opportunity when they see it. When a recent Instagram post about a fake Oreo taquito cannoli gained a sizable amount of traction, the two companies started to brainstorm. Oreo is fully on board with this initiative and they are already taking the time to reach out to fans.

“BEHOLD THE TAQUITO CANNOLI (It’s not real, but it’d be totally cool if it was) Wink wink nudge nudge twist twist dunk dunk” read the caption on the official 7-11 Instagram post.

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BEHOLD THE TAQUITO CANNOLI (It’s not real, but it’d be totally cool if it was) Wink wink nudge nudge twist twist dunk dunk @OREO #unrealcollab

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Oreo responded by reposting the image, saying, “We aren’t even mad at this, @7Eleven #unrealcollab”

They are providing us with all of the hope that we could ever possibly have. The good people of Oreo wouldn’t possibly lead us on like this, would they? We couldn’t survive that level of disappointment.

2020 has already been full of bad news and we could use all of the positive developments that we can get. A cannoli shell that is made out of Oreo? Sign us up. While they are not available yet, that did not stop people from jumping the proverbial gun. “What do we need to do to make this happen? You have my sword,” wrote one commentator and we agree with them 100 percent.

There is only one minor catch that is keeping us from this dream collaboration. Oreo is asking for at least 711 billion likes before this tasty (albeit imaginary) concoction becomes an actual reality. We’ve done the math on that and we’ve got a lot of work to do. If all 7 billion people on the planet liked the post 10 times apiece, we’ll be in business!

All jokes aside, we can give them some incentive by liking the post and showing them that there is a definite audience for this treat. With any luck, they will get a bit more realistic with their expectations. If you will excuse us, we’re going to go ahead and make a few burner accounts real quick. We’re going to throw as many likes at this one as needed.