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The COVID-19 outbreak has left the restaurant industry reeling. Since people do not wish to risk their health and safety dining out, this has forced restaurants all over the country to close their doors. Those that are still open are now offering food on a takeout-only basis. As customers look for ways to give back to their local establishments, Instagram is making the process even easier.

Stickers and buttons have been added to the ‘Gram so that you can order food more easily than ever before. Fundraiser, food order, and gift card stickers have all been placed on the Instagram interface. This allows businesses to add their stores to their profiles and attract new customers in the process. If a fundraiser button is added to a company’s profile or story, the customer is automatically redirected to Facebook.

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What could possibly be easier than that? The Facebook fundraiser is created by the restaurant and/or their supporters. From there, users are directed to this location as needed. It’s yet another great idea from Instagram, as it will help us to support all of the local restaurants that we know and love so much. Hopefully, they have already added their buttons already.

The Facebook fundraiser can be created at any time. Businesses need not fret if they have to create theirs. The option will be made available to Instagram users in the days to come. Gift cards and order buttons are also going to be added. These guys have truly thought of it all, haven’t they? We cannot wait to find out more about the options that are in store for us.

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According to Instagram’s blog post, the rollout will be taking place around the world before too long. The United States and Canada are slated to be the first companies that have access to the buttons. Customers are also going to have the option to share the stickers on their own Instagram Stories.

This gives you the chance to let others about all of your favorite local spots that are in need of their patronage. Who wouldn’t want to find out more about the delicious foods that are available locally? Since we are all stuck in the house and probably getting sick of cooking every night, there is certainly no time like the present. Please be sure to share this excellent development with all of the Instagram users in your life!