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There has been a long debate over whether red or white wine is better. Some people just can’t seem to make up their minds but others have a definite opinion.

If you are somebody that is living on the edge between the two, you may want to try some orange wine. Think of it as a white wine with some color and a little taste of red in it.

Photo: Umsplash/Sven Mieke

Orange wines are made similar to red and white wines but there is a difference. The grapes stay in their skin for two weeks as they marinate, something that typically happens with red wines. As the skin slowly breaks down, it creates both the color and the flavor of the wine.

Orange wine is similar to what was served in the ancient Roman empire. This type of skin-fermented wine has been created the same way for thousands of years.


At one time, Europeans were the ones who enjoyed skin-fermented wines. American vintners started to appreciate have also the color and flavor, and they are catching on in Australia as well.

You are not limited in the types of grapes that you can use. Any grape that is used for white wine is used to make this type of orange wine.

Photo: flickr/benmacaskill

Of course, rather than trying to make the wine at home, you can purchase it in the store and enjoy it right out of the bottle. There are some high-quality orange wines out there, and you are sure to appreciate them.

According to bon appétit, “If you have a dish that you’d normally want to pair with a light red or a rich white, an orange wine would be a good in-between. It does really well with pork.”

They also have orange wines that are created from orange juice. They can also be a sweet treat, but it isn’t exactly the same as drinking a red or white.

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