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OpenTable has decided to engage in a timely pivot and this change is music to our ears. Now that most restaurants are only offering take out orders going forward, this app is here to help. While the app cannot assist with reserving tables like it once did (since there are no tables to reserve at the moment), it can help you reserve a time to pick up your groceries or go shopping!

With everyone trying to take all of the necessary precautions and doing their best not to get each other sick, apps like this are especially useful. If we all work together, we can stop the spread of the virus. Of course, staying home is the most effective way to flatten the curve, but when we do need to go out, we need to take the right steps. Unfortunately, grocery shopping lines can be excessively long and expose us to all sorts of germs. That’s why OpenTable has stepped up to the plate and made the switch. At the moment, the app is assisting those who shop at restaurants that have been converted into pop up markets as well as specialty grocery stores.

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Coming soon: Grocery stores and other retailers will be able to offer reserved shopping times and online waitlists with OpenTable’s reservation technology. Reserved shopping times are rolling out in SF and LA, and will be coming to stores near you soon. Fewer crowds and fewer lines means better social distancing, which is how we can all work to stop the spread of coronavirus. Learn more at the link in bio.

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Coast but is slowly making its way East. The Epicurean Trader, Belcampo, Tesse Restaurant, and Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant are just a few of the restaurants that are offering up their services.

These locations are more than happy to accommodate anyone who is looking to make shopping reservations. OpenTable is even offering a free sign up to restaurant owners and shoppers that are looking to learn more about these services. Please be sure to shop safely during the COVID-19 pandemic!