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This nutritionist and cookbook author is here to change the game for all of our readers. If you have ever had to dice an onion before, you know just how challenging this process can be.

This technique has gotten a lot of attention, as viewers from all over the country are watching and wondering why they have not seen this method before. It is too efficient and too simple not to use in your own life, that is for sure.

Photo: Instagram/@frommylittlekitchen

Melanie Lionello of Melbourne, Australia is the one who is responsible for sharing the hack. She posted it on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, which are called My Little Kitchen. Thanks to her, we now have a whole new outlook on the cutting of onions and we no longer have to dissolve into a weepy mess when we are handling this process.

“I was today years old when I learned that I could dice an onion like this. Please tell me that I’m not the only one,” she wrote. The clip has been viewed nearly 5 million times on TikTok already and garnered almost one million Instagram likes. In the video, Lionello grabs an onion with the skin already peeled. The stem has also been sliced off.

Photo: Instagram/@frommylittlekitchen

One end of the onion remains flat. From there, the onion is placed on the cutting board and the root side is pointing upwards. Vertical slices are made all around the onion. She does not neglect the roots or the cutting board. Once this step has been completed, the vegetable is then tipped onto its side and chopped vertically once more. The result is a thoroughly diced red onion.

“This hack is going to save so many tears,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Photo: Instagram/@frommylittlekitchen

The comments on TikTok were full of people who are thankful for the trick and we are among them. It’s the sort of thing that is sure to change your life if you allow it to.

However, there are some food critics out there who have had some negative comments about the process. For example, there was one commentator who told her that she needed to cut the onion in half first.

Where do you stand on this one? Will you be emulating this tactic in your own life or will you be sticking to your normal cutting style? Be sure to sound off below and let us know!

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