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What Do You Call That? 11 Old Names for Things We Use Everyday!

You might call them different names in different parts of the country. We use these different names based on where we live and how old we are. How many of us remember our parents referring to the refrigerator as an icebox? Read on for more of what we used to call things.

What Things Used to Be Called

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Tom Thumb golf: the old-fashioned way of referring to miniature golf, bringing to mind the diminutive fairy tale character. The Tom Thumb chain of golf courses is what started the miniature golf craze.

Sweeper: is what we called a vacuum. Some people also call all vacuums Hoovers.

What Things Used to Be Called

Via/ Flickr

Red hots: (or red snappers) is what hot dogs used to be called because of their red color and the snap from the natural casing.

Flapjacks: I can still remember my grandmother calling pancakes flapjacks.

Dungarees: you won’t hear teens today talking about running off to the mall to buy a new pair of dungarees, but when we used this word we were talking about denim jeans or overalls.

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