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Kids Today Probably Wouldn’t Know What Half Of These Old Tools Are!

We remember doing many tasks the old-fashioned way. From preserving food harvested from the garden to manually cleaning nearly everything, there were very few efficient aids available for housework until fairly recently. Did you want canned tomatoes? Can it yourself! Did you want cherry pie? You gotta remove those pits yourself! Most young people today have never had these experiences and won’t know many of the old tools. You’re more likely to see these collecting dust in antique stores than in someone’s home because no one knows what they’re used for anymore!

10) Breadbox

Back when mom baked fresh bread most days, a bread box was necessary in order to keep it fresh (and protected from the cat!). When folks stopped baking all their bread and started buying pre-sliced in bags, we saw these become decorative items with old timey charm. They really are quite useful if you bake, though!

9) Rug Beater

Antique Rug Beaters

Image taken at District LLC

Even after every household in America had a vacuum, rug beaters were used to on delicate or small rugs. Not so today, but we think the designs on these rug beaters are fun. 100 years ago these would have been used weekly by every women (and many a teenaged daughter).

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