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As more and more people live in urban areas, there are fewer people who understand what life is really like in the country. Although they do have their fair share of problems, people tend to help one another out when needed and that is especially true where farmers are concerned.

Farmers have seen their fair share of ups and downs and they are hard-working individuals who realize that their family depends upon them to get the work done every day. Most farmers tend to live from one year to the next, which also can make life even more stressful. That being said, those farmers would have things no other way.

It took about twenty ranchers less than 4 hours to haul 714 round bales for the Lane Unhjem family this morning as the…

Posted by Don Anderson on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

In Crosby, North Dakota, a durum wheat farmer named Lane Unhjem was struggling to put out a fire as he was working on his harvest, and as he was working, he suffered from a heart attack. When he realized that something was wrong, he was rushed to the hospital and began his slow road to recovery. Just because he was not available to take care of his crops, didn’t stop them from growing.

Lane’s neighbors and friends decided that they would chip in to help that farmer in need. On Facebook, one of those farmers named Don Anderson posted a picture that showed how they were assisting their neighbor. He said: “Approximately 40 to 50 farmers, driving combines, pulling grain carts, driving semis and various other harvest related items, converged on the Unhjem farmstead and they will take care of harvest for Lane and his family today.”

These guys and gals harvested 1000 acres in just under 7 1/2 hours today. Just like a well oiled machine. It was a good day for these North Dakota farmers.

Posted by Don Anderson on Saturday, September 12, 2020

He also said that dozens of combines came onto Lane’s farm to pick up the harvest. All in all, around 60 farmers were there with 15 semi’s, 11 combines, and six grain carts, according to a report from KFYR-TV. It took them less than seven hours to harvest the 1000 acres of land.

As reported by KFYR-TV, a close friend of the family, Jenna Binde, said that once the word was out, there was nothing stopping those kind farmers in the area. There were even offers from volunteers to help from other parts of the country and to send workers or equipment. She said, “You help your neighbor out when they need it, and don’t expect anything in return.”

It’s amazing when people pull together to help.