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In a world where celebrities are regularly asking those who work and hang out with them to sign nondisclosure agreements, they are a form of paperwork that even nonfamous folks are very familiar with.

One TikTok user received a lot of attention for telling the world that they are asking their friends to sign nondisclosure agreements before a hangout session. Brianna (also known as @breezyqbaby) does not want the gossip that she is providing to leak out to the rest of the world. This is her way of dealing with it, whether you agree or not.

Photo: Pixabay/Janique Vanderstocken

Those who sign these agreements are unable to talk about any of the information that they discussed with the person or they risk legal action.

In most instances, these agreements are utilized in the world of contract law. They are typically designed to help protect company secrets, private details, and other confidential information from the prying eyes and ears of so many.

Photo: Pixabay/Susan Sewert

Until now, most of us never stopped to think of the fact that these agreements could be used to protect all of the gossip hounds out there. We are on the fence about this one, though. If you can’t trust your friends to keep the gossip under wraps, perhaps you need to find some new friends that are able to do so? It’s just food for thought.

“Spilled a lot of tea at dinner today, so I had my friends sign my NDAs,” she said in her post. “For those who thought I was joking,” she continued in the caption. “Signed and sealed.”

TikTok NDA
Photo: TikTok/breezyqbaby

Viewers were perplexed and some even wanted to know who she was. There is definitely something about this that is sure to rub people the wrong way.

This is one video that is sure to inspire a lot of argument once everyone checks it out. We know a lot of people that are on both sides of the fence! Check it out below:


For those who thought I was joking. Signed and sealed. #nda #whatstea

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