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Many of us have become efficient recently, teaching ourselves how to do everything on our own. Now that we are in lockdown due to the coronavirus, we cook our own food, do our own laundry and find interesting ways to stay safe while we are shopping. Something else that we may be efficient in doing is filing our own taxes, and Natural Light would like to reward you for your efforts by giving you free beer.

Perhaps the only good thing that has come out of the pandemic is the tax filing extension to July 15 this year. It gives us extra time, but for those who file their taxes with TaxAct, a free case of Natural Light may be heading in your direction.

Photo: Pixabay / Alexas_Fotos

TaxAct has teamed up with the beverage brand to provide this offer. In order to take advantage of it, you will have to show proof that you filed your taxes using that service. The free beer is going to come in the form of a rebate, and you can purchase any Natural Light product, including hard seltzer.

After uploading confirmation that you used TaxAct to naturallight.com, the rebate for the case of beverages will be issued. Any other details on the promotion and who may be eligible are also available on that website.

We could all use a little bit of motivation to get our taxes done. Even if we have a few extra months to do it, we may still tend to put it off until the last minute. Here’s hoping that a free case of Natural Light provides you with all of the motivation you need.

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