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My morning started out like many others. I needed to drop some packages off at the post office, but the one by my house was closed for the weekend. So, I decided to drive to the other one not far away.

I was driving down the road when all of a sudden, a small white and tan dog darted out into 4 lanes of traffic! I thought “OMG” and started to slow down when suddenly this big f250 pulling a boat smacked right into her. I watched in horror as she did flips under the truck, and then the boat trailer. They never even stopped.


I slammed on my brakes, threw my hazards on, and jumped out to stop traffic from going past her. I approached the wounded dog lying in the road. She looked dazed. I must have come into focus for her, because she jumped up, and ran off in the direction she’d be trying to go.

I jumped back in my car and found the side street to go find her. I searched for her for 3 hours, along with a few others, before we finally found her hiding under someone’s trailer. After much coaxing, we finally managed to call her out. She was scared stiff and refused to walk.


I had no idea if she had any broken bones or internal injuries, so I carefully scooped her up and placed her in my car. We took her to the vet right away. It turned out, she was only a puppy! 9 months old at the most. But the miracle? No broken bones, no other injuries!

We named her “Hope.” We have since adopted her. She is shy, but warming up to us. And loves to Cuddle!

Bossier city, LA

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Originally posted on The Animal Rescue Site.

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