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We are not going to lie to you, the past year or so has been difficult on all of us. Many of us have had to give up activities that we never thought we would have to be without.

For many of us, trips to the movies were a cherished activity that has now fallen totally by the wayside. At long last, movie theaters are finally starting to open up again.


Since these locations are now back in business, we can finally head back to the concession stand to indulge in some of our old favorites. Yes, the snacks may be overpriced but they support the movie theaters and some are just too irresistible to pass up, like the popcorn.

Yes, we love movie theater popcorn with our whole hearts, but guess what? Sometimes, it can be impossible to get the butter to kernel ratio exactly the way that we want it.

Photo: flickr/Dan

TikTok user @colleenlepp knows this problem all too well, and she is here to provide you with the most helpful tip that we have ever seen (when it comes to movie theater popcorn). This hack is going to blow your mind and it will forever change the way that you view movie theater popcorn going forward.

Photo: TikTok/colleenlepp

“I love buttered popcorn but I hate when the butter is only at the top. So I use a plastic straw all the way down in the popcorn bucket to get the butter to the very bottom and all the way through,” Colleen happily explains. “It takes a minute lining it up, but once you do you are good to go.”


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Have you ever used this hack before? What do you think of it? Let us know!

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