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If you are anything like us, you probably prefer to drink out of cans, instead of bottles. There is something about drinking out of a can that just hits different, right? Of course, you are in agreement with us because you know what’s what. Now, we canned soda drinkers are being given the most amazing gift during this holiday season.

If you’re tired of cracking open a soda only to have it lose its fizz, Jokari is going to fix that. They created a Can Pump and Fizz Keeper that ensures your drink stays fizzy and prevents it from going flat. The way it works is actually simpler than you might have realized. The can devise simply re-pressurizes the beverage, so each sip tastes as good as the first.

Photo: Walmart

It fits over the majority of soda cans, and thanks to the locking lid, spills are minimized. While the gadget is covered in all sorts of branding that is associated with Mountain Dew, don’t let that stop you from trying it on other sodas.

We are not about to wait for them to sell out, we can tell you that much for certain. In our perfect world, all sodas would remain fizzy forever. This gadget puts us one crucial step closer to realizing that impossible dream.

Would you like to take home one of your own? Head to Walmart’s website and you can find them for sale for only $8.79. We’re definitely getting some for ourselves and for stocking stuffers.

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