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Mom of 5 Gets Jaw-Dropping Makeover

Her sister’s reaction is priceless!

YouTube/Makeover Guy

Yvonne and her sister came to Christopher Hopkins, aka, The Makeover Guy, to see what they could do about her hair. She’s kept it long for her entire life, too nervous to mess with her ultra-fine, super curly hair. She never thought she could pull off a short haircut without it turning into a frizzy mess, but Christopher worked his magic once again!

Christopher Hopkins is a professional stylist with a myriad of other talents. His YouTube channel has skyrocketed in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. He’s charming, honest, and uplifting. You can tell he wants to make his clients feel confident in their own skin, and Yvonne is no different.

YouTube/Makeover Guy

Yvonne explains that she’s a mom of five grown children, she’s been married to her husband for two decades, and she’s worked the same job for years. She wanted a change in her style to see if it could shake up her confidence and life as well. Yvonne told Chris she was nervous about getting a short haircut, but as you can see, she had nothing to worry about. Chris promised her a sophisticated, classy look, and that’s exactly what he delivered!

I love makeover videos like this. It’s amazing what a new haircut and some makeup can do for your confidence! Yvonne’s smile says it all – she’s ready to take on whatever comes next.

YouTube/Makeover Guy