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School photo day can cause any number of problems for parents who are not in the know. If they are unable to provide their children with the proper clothes, the resulting photos are not going to be anything to write home about. For the mother in this story, she stumbled into a social media quagmire that has a number of parents wondering what the heck she was thinking.

Paige is the young lady’s mother and she seems to have a decent sense of humor about the whole thing. “If you ever thought you were a bad mom, at least you didn’t forget picture day and send your toddler to school in this,” Paige says at the beginning of the video. Once she explains what happened, she shows off the pictures of her child in the shirt in question.

From the looks of the pictures, Paige’s daughter appears to be wearing a shirt that would not be approved by any sane parent. While we were flabbergasted when we first saw the photos, there is a decent explanation for what took place. Her shirt does not say what we think it does. “Her shirt says SASSHOLE,” says Paige.

Photo: TikTok / paigepuhlease

Paige’s daughter seems to be covering the “S” when the photos were taken, which is a pretty good bit….if you’re not a small child! This is not the type of photo that they are going to be sending to Grandma or putting on the mantel any time soon. The pictures that were taken from a side angle are especially hard to ignore. The photographer seems to have tried their best, but the damage was already done.

Photo: TikTok / paigepuhlease

Of course, TikTok thought that the images were pretty darn funny. “Omg you HAVE TO order them, she will love to see these someday!!” said one commenter. “That photographer knew what they were doing,” another chimed in. There is something to be said for that last comment. It’s not like the photographer couldn’t have made some adjustments and gotten a better picture.

We hope that Paige holds onto at least a couple of the pictures. Her little girl is definitely going to want to know the story of these photos when she gets a little bit older. It’s the type of hilarious family story that is going to be passed down from generation to generation.


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