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I think it’s safe to say that people are going a little stir crazy during the coronavirus lockdown. Not only are we stuck at home, but we’re also spending more time together as a family and that can add to the stress to a certain extent. After all, we can only play so many games, and Netflix got old the second week of the pandemic. I think all of us would appreciate the opportunity of getting out on occasion.

One of the things that many people have decided to do in order to stay active is to get out in the fresh air and take a walk. Even during the lockdown, you can do so, provided you follow social distancing guidelines.

One of the people who decided to get active with her family is a Reddit user, anonymous28538382348. She went on a Reddit forum, r/AmItheA******, and talked about how her husband and six-year-old daughter were taking 2 mile walks in the neighborhood every day with her.

It seems as if things were going along quite nicely until a neighbor did something one day that disturbed her six-year-old daughter. It seems as if the little girl was afraid of a frog statue that the neighbor put out in the yard.

Photo: Reddit / @u/anonymous28538382348

She wrote: “I find it really creepy and so does my husband. My daughter hates it. She is absolutely terrified of it. Now She refuses to go on walks.”

As a concerned parent, she went to the neighbor’s house to talk about the situation. She wanted them to know that her little girl was afraid of the statue and she asked them to remove it. They refused, so she went to the president of the HOA, who just so happens to be her next-door neighbor. She wanted to see if the statue was going afoul of any of the HOA laws, in an attempt to force the neighbor to remove it.

The mother made her post on Reddit because her husband thought going to the HOA board was taking things too far. She feels that it was her right to do it.

After asking, the husband came out the clear winner. Many people on Reddit and Twitter were commenting about how her daughter was sure to be entitled. They felt that it would have been best for her to just explain that people like different things. One comment read, “It was just a statue. Explain to your child not to be afraid of it.”

Some of the commenters talked about HOA’s and how difficult they can be sometimes. “This…is why anyone with sense doesn’t want to live in a neighborhood with an HOA.”

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