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Grandpa Builds A Modern Treehouse So His Grandkids Can Play Without Glowing Screens

The treehouse offers children the chance to enjoy a more simplistic play space. In a world where parents see no problems with offering their children access to smartphones and tablets, it makes us happy to see kids still playing outdoors.

This story takes place in Cascais, Portugal, where one grandfather decided to take matters into their own hands. He wanted to make sure that his grandchildren had a place to play that was totally free of all screens.

He commissioned Madeiguincho to design and build this amazing treehouse.

The house was constructed around a series of trees that had already grown in: A large cedar cutting through the floor and ceiling of the interior, and two other that support the generous deck.

There is also a steep incline when you ascend the stairs, but we imagine that this is fun for the children. From there, the treehouse essentially expands into a makeshift barn.

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