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Everyone has a sweet tooth for something. Whether it’s donuts, cookies, cake, pie, or just regular chocolate bars, everyone likes a little something sweet, especially after dinner time.

Nothing completes a meal quite like a nice dessert. But sometimes you encounter desserts that are simply too beautiful to eat. Or in this case, they look way too cute to eat.

Photo: Unsplash/Anshu A

There are plenty of pastry chefs and bakeries that have perfected the art of animal-shaped desserts. Thanks to social media, we’ve seen our fair share of such delights as rabbit cakes, cat loves, or corgi buns.

But one dessert master, Mocha Mocha, is stepping into the animal dessert scene with another precious-looking dessert. They’re small, cream-colored cookies that are made into the likeness of hamsters! Simply adorable!

These little cookies are almost too cute to eat as they’re quite similar looking to their real-life counterparts. They share the same oval bodies with rounded ears, little feet, and tiny tails.

The faces of these hamster cookies are also quite minimalistic, as they’ve got a small set of black eyes and a teeny tiny mouth. Mocha Mocha purposefully keeps things simple in order to keep up a kawaii effect of the dessert.

Of course, while Mocha Mocha’s hamster cookies are a complete hit, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t do any other kind of animal. While her sleeping hamsters might be very cute and well-documented online, she also has other cookies that are shaped like dogs or cartoonish teddy bears as well. She also plays around with the icing of cupcakes in order to make them look like puppies!

Check out the video below:

What do you think of these really cute cookies? Aren’t they almost too cute to eat? Let us know!

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