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It’s always nice to see celebrities use their fame and fortune for good. And that’s just what Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott is doing. She’s had a successful career, and she has used that success to help others who might need it. The hip-hop artist catapulted herself to fame in the late 90s, but she hasn’t released a full-length album of her own since 2005. Still, she’s remained active in the music industry and has contributed to hit tracks by other artists such as Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Bree Runway, Fall Out Boy, Ciara, Janet Jackson, and many others. And just last year in 2019, she released an EP, Iconology.

But she has also had an influence on her fans, generously helping out those who might need it. When Ireanna Bradshaw and Roderick Purdie were planning their March nuptials, they found that their expenses related to the event were quickly piling up. When Bradshaw went shopping for her dress, she was trying to find something within budget. However, the dress that she ended up falling in love with, the one which was “the one,” ended up coming with a not so budget-friendly price tag. At $1,300 it was a little out of her price range. Disheartened and desperate, Bradshaw Tweeted about the dress and added her CashApp username in her post, hoping that people might contribute towards her gown.

As Bradshaw had hoped, attention was drawn towards her post. And that attention happened to be from Missy Elliott herself. The hip-hop artist generously replied to Bradshaw letting her know that she didn’t have to worry about the dress’s price tag any longer – she’d bought it for her. As one can imagine, Bradshaw was incredibly grateful.

But this isn’t the first time that Elliott has shown kindness towards her fans. She’s been known to take the time to listen to an aspiring musician’s music and provide both feedback and encouragement. She has also helped out another fan by paying for his dog’s surgery.

But whenever she’s put on the spot about her actions, Elliott has simply said that given her blessings, she’s happy to pay it forward. What a sweet person!