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When it comes to spelling, sometimes we can get it wrong. As someone who speaks both English and Spanish, I can attest to the fact that English is the more difficult of the two languages.

Unlike Spanish, not everything in English is spelled just how it sounds, and there are so many contradictory grammar rules as well. No wonder spelling can sometimes be frustrating.

Photo: Pixabay

I’m sure we all personally have that one word or two that we always need to double-check that we’re spelling it right. USA Today has shared that there is a new phrase to add to the list that seems to have everyone confused, and that would be “quarantine.”

Given the year that’s been, we can understand why so many people would be needing to look up the word. In fact, AT&T Experts analyzed Google Trends between March 2020 to March 2021 and they found that in 12 different states, more people searched for the spelling of quarantine than any other word. They also found that the most common misspelling of quarantine was actually “corn teen.”

Photo: flickr/Caleb Roenigk

Unsurprisingly, the next most commonly searched spelling for a word was coronavirus, which many often misspelled by one letter: “caronavirus.”

Besides these pandemic-specific spelling errors, it has been found that there are trends to common spelling errors amongst certain states. Apparently, in California and Rhode Island, people struggled most with the word “separate” – particularly the vowels in that word. In Delaware, many people seemed to forget the “n” that comes in the word, “government.” Meanwhile, in North Carolina, it was the word “exercise” that threw people the most. Florida apparently had no idea how to spell “pharaoh.”

Check out the full map down below:


What do you think of these spelling errors by state? Do you struggle to spell the word that your state has trouble with as well? Let us know!

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