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Miserable Men is one of the funniest Instagram accounts that you are ever going to come across. This single topic account is dedicated to one simple topic: showcasing men who have been dragged along on a shopping trip. Their facial expressions say it all, don’t they? “I am here because someone else told me I had to be!”

The men who are taken on these shopping trips have one of three options: they can take a nap, fiddle around on their phones, or sulk. This is a universal truth that all men know too well. Be sure to check out these hilarious photos and pass them along to all of your friends and loved ones.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

This guy’s facial expression is so funny to us. We wonder how many outfits he had to watch her try on before he was finally ready to lose it.


Taking a nap instead of enduring the never-ending trips to the fitting room? He’s a man after our own hearts, that is for sure.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

The mirrored-image effect here has us yelling with laughter. At least these poor guys found themselves a way to pass the time. Candy Crush Saga, anyone?


We are not sure if this fellow is holding onto his own hat or his partner’s. Either way, we totally feel his pain.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

Come on now! This old man deserves to be at home in his easy chair and he seems as if he is ready to let someone know about it.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

Our friend here seems to think that he can mope his way out of this task. Good luck with that one, pal.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

When you can’t seem to get a moment’s peace, the phone provides us with a much-needed respite.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

Our heart truly goes out to this man. He doesn’t even have a chair to sit down in to pass the time. His partner is nowhere to found, so there is no end in sight.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

This looks like a lost husband convention waiting to happen. Most of these guys are probably sending “where the heck are you? I’m exhausted and ready to go home” texts.


Photo: Miserable Men / Instagram

IKEA shoppers are sure to appreciate this one. We all love to get a snack when we are shopping here and they have plenty of comfortable chairs where you can take a load off for a minute.

Kudos to the Miserable Men account for all of these hilarious images! They have rapidly become one of our new favorite follows on the ‘Gram.