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By now, you’ve hopefully already updated your computer if you’re using Windows software. If you haven’t, it’s definitely something that you’ll want to do immediately as there is a security flaw called PrintNightmare.

As it turns out, back in May it was discovered that there were several security issues in the Print Spooler service. This meant that a printer could be accessed by multiple computers.


In turn, researchers accidentally posted the information by mistake. Even though it was quickly deleted, copies of the information had made their way onto other sites such as GitHub.

Because of this, hackers are now able to learn all about Print Spooler’s security flaws and it makes it easier for them to gain access to your device if it runs Windows.

Not only can hackers view your sensitive data, but it also means they can delete data, install programs, create new accounts that have full permission – essentially they can take over your entire computer.


While this sounds terrifying, there are two solutions. You can either install the latest security update or deactivate Print Spooler. But time is of the essence as you want to protect yourself from hackers getting into your computer.

It should be noted that if you choose to install the security update, you are also solving the PrintNightmare problem.

Photo: Pixabay

As Microsoft stated, “Please note that not all versions of the update are available today as some packages are not quite ready for release. We feel that it is important to provide security updates as quickly as possible for systems that we can confidently protect today. Unfortunately, security updates for Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, version 1607, and Windows Server 2012 will be delayed for a short period, but they are expected soon.”

Do you use Windows on your computer? Have you already updated your security? Let us know!

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