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The COVID-19 pandemic has had effects on everyone – even Hollywood. Because of theatre shutdowns last fall, Paramount made the decision to sell the distribution rights to their movie, Without Remorse.

The film, which stars Michael B. Jordan, is based on a 1993 Tom Clancy novel and is part of Clancy’s Jack Ryan series. Since the series has already been turned into a TV series on Amazon and stars John Kransinski, it made sense that Paramount’s movie was picked up by Amazon. It is already planned to be released on Amazon’s Prime Video at some point this year.

Photo: YouTube / amazon

In order to create some buzz, Amazon decided to get creative and come up with a Super Bowl commercial that highlights both their movies and their products. And that is how they came up with the recently released commercial – and it is one giant thirst trap.

Photo: YouTube / amazon

In the video, it starts off with Amazon product developers previewing the new design for the company’s AI assistant, Alexa. However, one of the developers isn’t happy with the look, she feels Alexa needs a new body. Enter Michael B. Jordan.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The rest of the commercial plays out as a comical fantasy with the woman’s husband essentially jealous of the Amazon technology.

Watch the video below:

Given that it promotes both the Amazon product as well as the movie, we really have to hand it to Amazon for coming up with a cleverly written commercial. What do you think of the commercial? Let us know!

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