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If you happen to live in the area of Fort Worth, Texas, you might already be aware of the McDonald’s being operated by robots.

Even if you don’t live in the area, you can see the workings of this robotic McDonald’s, thanks to a social media video.

Photo: Pixabay/Quartzla

We’ve seen plenty of changes at McDonald’s in recent years, with multiple drive-through lanes, a new app that allows you to order food in advance, and many McDonald’s that continue to be upgraded.

This restaurant near Fort Worth, Texas, however, is in a league all of its own. Thanks to a viral video on TikTok, we get to see how food is ordered in advance and picked up at an “order ahead Lane.” A conveyor belt will drop off your food so you can pick it up.

Photo: TikTok/@foodiemunster

The technology that is inside the restaurant is mostly new. It allows the restaurant team to be more focused on accuracy and order speed, with much of the work being cared for by automated systems.

After the video was posted on TikTok, people couldn’t stop watching it. The simple fact that a machine pushes your food to you at the drive-up window was enough to make most people want to get in the car and get going.

Photo: TikTok/@foodiemunster

According to a statement by McDonald’s, the location in question is “considerably smaller” than other McDonald’s restaurants. It is focused more on people who are picking up their food to go so they can eat at home.

There are a number of parking spaces dedicated for pickup curbside and some other spaces for delivery drivers.


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It will be interesting to see where they go from here.