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When it comes to McDonald’s French fries, we are taking the stance of the legendary Jim Gaffigan. There is simply never enough of them to go around!

While the fries are always delicious, there are times when they are not fresh. This is obviously something that we could all do without, right?

Photo: flickr/Shane Ronemus

Now, a TikTok user has gone viral for explaining how to get the freshest fries every single that you head to McDonald’s. As it turns out, the answer is simple than you ever could have realized.

All that you need to do is open your mouth and ask. That’s right, McDonald’s can make your fries fresh if you just ask, according to Lauren Nicole who posted the video.

Photo: flickr/

She said in her TikTok, “Today I learned you can ask for made-to-order fries at McDonald’s.”

Cristina Collaros is a McDonald’s employee who commented on Lauren’s video and according to her, “you can literally ask for anything fresh and we will do it.” Mind blown!

Photo: flickr/

Of course, someone else was quick to point out that not all McDonald’s employees are quite so accommodating and some will even say the item is fresh when it’s not! But, it never hurts to ask.

Watch the video below:


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