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2020 has been a very awkward year. It’s been full of randomness, and quite frankly, we are ready for it to be over. McDonald’s has provided us with some good news this year, like the return of the McRib, but their latest debut is a bit less comforting.

The fast-food chain is releasing a burger that features a spam patty that is topped with Oreo crumbles. If that somehow sounds appetizing to you, you’ll need to visit a Mcdonald’s China location.

The announcement was first made on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo and was quickly shared to Twitter from there. Daniel Ahmad tweeted about the burger, saying, “McDonalds China is introducing a new Oreo x Spam burger on December 21. There will be 400,000 produced and sold. (Look, I saw this so you have to see it too. Sorry, that’s how it works).”

Since these sandwiches are only going to be served in China, anyone in the US who is interested in trying this would be best to whip it up themselves. After all, travel isn’t recommended thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re like Ahmad and might be having nightmares thanks to this news, be sure to share it with your peers so you’re not suffering alone.

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