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When it comes to celebrity friendships, we love Martha Stewart’s ongoing friendships with various rappers. Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg are both pals of Martha’s and it makes for some hilarious quotes/photos. We all remember the insanity of watching Rick Ross lay down some of his best pickup lines when they met at Snoop and Martha’s potluck dinner. Now, Martha and Snoop are here to provide us with a new concoction.

If you have been to Martha’s Instagram lately, you know what a wild place that can be. She’s the queen of entertainment, as far as we are concerned. She and Snoop have come together to offer up cannabis-inspired treats that are sure to light up your holidays. Stewart shared a video that even comes with its own sly caption.

Photo: Instagram / marthastewart48

“Just a short video to get you in the cookie spirit!” says Martha. We know exactly the spirit she is talking about! She talks about the baking projects that she and her friends are taking on these days and even lets us in on a little secret: Her icing piping bag broke right before she “wanted to put a little bit of red on this cannabis leaf.”

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We didn’t need too many guesses to know where the “inspo” for these cookies came from, either. This is Snoop Dogg’s type of jam, to a T. “We’ve done cannabis because I’ve just done a big demo with Snoop Dogg. And this is for him, these cannabis leaf cookies,” she says in the clip.

“And we’ve made him some Dogg bones, and we did a great face cookie, show that face cookie,” Martha continues. Our cookies are probably not going to be as special as hers but they still look awesome. We cannot wait to whip up a batch of our own. Snoop and Martha have a joint (no pun intended) decorating class on the way with Salesforce and this was their way of commemorating the occasion.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time they’ve baked together, either! Watch them making brownies in the video below:

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