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Does it spark joy? We all know that phrase to be attributed to organization guru, Marie Kondo. It’s a phrase I kept repeating to myself as I struggled to organize my small bookcase in the living room. Spoilers, all my books spark joy so the organization problem remains.

However, Marie Kondo has shown different ways that people can create space in their kitchen by effectively storing away certain kitchen items such as kitchen towels.

Photo: Pixabay

Most of us probably just shove them somewhere and forget about them until we need a towel to dry the dishes – and that can sometimes result in a little confusion trying to find a towel to do that job.

But what if there was a way to make it easier to find a dish towel, as well as keep our kitchen more organized? That is where Marie Kondo comes in.

Photo: CANVA

Her methods for folding and storing towels have been widely debated, but there is plenty of practicality to it. Not only does it help to organize your drawers, but the folding method makes it very efficient in terms of storage space.

Photo: YouTube/
Along With The Youngs
Photo: YouTube/Along With The Youngs

Plus, it gives you a chance to see exactly all that you have without having to do the annoying rummage – they’re all there and visible when you open your drawer!

Watch the step-by-step video below:

What do you think of the folding technique? How do you organize your space? Let us know!

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