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We have all seen the cart chasers who are stuck running them down after inconsiderate shoppers leave them behind. The best employees are the ones who are willing to make a game of it, though. They run after the carts with grace and agility. Some of them will even show off their awesome skills.

Take the employee in this video, for instance. It was just a normal day of cart chasing when an incredible opportunity fell into this man’s lap. He had a decision to make: was he going to walk the cart back to the store or find a closer spot?

Photo: Unsplash

He and a coworker have a challenge between them to try and make the cart push in one shot. So, he decided to record himself giving it a try to send his coworker, just for fun – and he never expected what happened next.

Photo: YouTube / ViralHog

In the video, he steps up the “starting line” with his cart. He gives it a massive push and is shocked as it rolls towards the stack of carts across the lot.

Finally, the cart rolls right into the stack of carts, locking itself in with the rest.

Photo: YouTube / ViralHog

He said, “I went out collecting a cart and pushed it behind a line we would use as a starting line and my first try of the day I recorded and got it. Hole in one!”

Watch the moment for yourself in the video below:

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