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I’ve always wanted a writing shed like that of Bernard Shaw. The well-known author had the coolest writing hut – it actually revolved!

It was built on a revolving base that had a circular track – it was pretty much like the Lazy Susan of writing sheds. Shaw said it was essential for his writing that his space follow the sun, and I can totally understand that. But that was just a small shed. Imagine having an entire house that rotates!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One loving husband in Srbac, Bosnia, built his wife a very pretty home complete with a green exterior, a red roof, and a screened-in porch. But that wasn’t even the best part. The video shows how the home sits on an axis, which rotates around an open area on the couple’s farm.

Vojin Kusic is the one who built the hosing beauty for his wife, Ljubica. The home is located out on a farm in northern Bosnia near the town of Srbac near the northern part of Bosnia.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The house that Vojin built is set to spin around a 7-meter axis, which provides Ljubica with stunning views that include cornfields and farmland as well as forests and the nearby river. It can make the whole rotation in 24 hours at the lowest setting. However, at the fastest speed setting, it can do an entire spin in just 22 seconds!

The home idea finally came to fruition after many years of Ljubica telling her husband that she would love to be able to see the sun, as well as be able to see all the people who might be stopping by the yard. However, the couple raised a family of three kids in a different home. Eventually, as Vojin explained to The Associated Press, after some time he was finally able to build his wife her dream home.

Photo: YouTube/VOA News
Photo: YouTube/VOA News

He stated, “After I reached an advanced age and after my children took over the family business, I finally had enough time to task myself with granting my wife her wish to be able to change the position of rooms in her house whenever she wants.”

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Check out the video of the housing spinning around below:

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