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If you are anything like the rest of us, you do not enjoy the prospect of doing laundry on a regular basis. Those of us who have children probably feel like we spend our entire lives doing laundry. Once the washing part is over with, you still have to deal with the drying and folding. Now, there is a laundry related hack that is designed to make your life much easier.

It is time to stop procrastinating and start getting your chores done more quickly. Making the bed is another laundry related task that seems to take up more time than it needs to. Instead of allowing your bedding to be turned into a wadded up pile, this hack is here to simplify the process. When it comes time to turn your bed into a wrinkle-free zone, here’s the most crucial tip of all.

No, we are not going to tell you that you need to iron all of the sheets. That is far too time-consuming and no one would ever suggest such a silly thing. All we are going to say is that you should be slightly dampening the sheets before they are put onto the bed. The sheets do not need to be wet, they need to be damp!

Photo: Pexels

To get the best results, be sure to remove the sheets from the dryer when they are still damp. As long as they are slightly damp, you should be in business. When the bed is made with damper sheets, they are sure to dry without creating any wrinkles along the way.

Once the damp sheets have been placed on the bed, allow them to dry for at least 15 minutes. As soon as the sheets have dried and are free of wrinkles, you can complete the process of making your bed. The pillows and comforter should not be placed on the bed until the sheets have fully dried. This tip is as simple as it gets, isn’t it?

Photo: Pexels

Thanks to this hack, your bed can now look like the beds that you find in luxury hotel rooms. If only someone could teach us how to fold a fitted sheet, we would be all set.

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