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Babies are getting smarter and smarter these days, aren’t they? There is nothing quite like seeing a baby handle adult tasks. If you are anything like us, you are already laughing at Stormi Webster’s innate understanding of the word “patience”. There’s nothing quite so wholesome and we wish that we could spend the whole day watching little babies behave like their adult counterparts.

Kobe is a one-year-old who is winning the hearts of social media users everywhere. His cooking abilities are top-notch and we are not going to lie to you. We are a bit obsessed. He’s already got nearly 800,000 Instagram followers and he’s very popular on TikTok as well. We presume that his accounts are being run by his mother and father but maybe he handles that himself, too.


Chef Kobe made another one pot meal: and this one was good! (Recipe on Instagram) however… raw onions.. not so good 🤣 #fyp #chef #keepingbusy

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The content that he has to offer is fascinating. It really puts our inability to cook into perspective. How can we allow ourselves to fall behind a one-year-old? The videos that we have seen are too adorable. We cannot get over the little red chef hat that he wears in these clips. Of course, he also has an apron to match and he’s here to provide us with his own spin on some classic dishes.

Kobe’s got great motor skills already, too. The clips allow his true personality to shine through. Whether he’s putting berries in a blender, rolling out pizza dough, or marinating chicken, there are no shortage of awesome recipes for us to enjoy. He doesn’t have a lot to say yet but that is okay. We can appreciate a man that allows his cooking to do the talking for him.

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I made vegan banana chocolate chip bars for my momma on Mother’s Day! They were so good! Kelly enjoyed a bowl lick too.. 🐶

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The mannerisms say it all. Kobe loves to cook and he is only going to get better and better at it. His mother remains close by while he is cooking, to make sure that he does not spill anything or add too much seasoning. The ingredients are handed off to the little boy, who can whisk and stir like a true professional. He can truly do it all.

This little dude is a young Wolfgang Puck in the making and we cannot wait to see what he does next. It’s high time that all of the other little freeloaders out there take a closer look at Kobe and all that he can do. While they soak up free meals and live rent-free, he’s already earning his keep. As soon as we can go outside again, we hope that he can collaborate with Guy Fieri!

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