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Every birthday is a milestone. But let’s be honest, the older you get the more meaningful the milestones become. Turning 90 is a big deal. It’s only 10 years away from 100, and that’s huge!

So, for every year that someone has a birthday, a cake is always a good idea. I mean, I personally think that no birthday is complete without cake, and Lego seems to agree with me.

Photo: Facebook/LEGO

Human beings aren’t the only ones who celebrate big milestones. Oftentimes, companies also mark the occasion of some big moments, like being in business for a certain number of years. The famous Lego company is marking its 90th year by creating its very own birthday cake.

Given that they are famous for their Lego blocks, it is no surprise that the giant birthday cake was crafted entirely out of their world-famous Legos.

Photo: Facebook/LEGO

The huge Lego birthday cake has been comprised of over 94,000 pieces and more than 200 kilograms of bricks. It is quite an intricate creation, one that the company proudly posted about on its Facebook page.

They wrote, “Our 90th birthday today gave us the perfect excuse to build this cake! A feast for the eyes if not for the stomach,” and added an accompanying shot of the Lego creation.

Photo: Facebook/LEGO

Lego put a lot of thought into its cake design, with each of the nine layers depicting nine different decades. According to The Denver Channel, the Lego cake is currently being displayed at the Lego House in Billund, Denmark.

The Lego company was founded back in 1932, by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Interestingly, the Kristiansen decided to name the company Lego, as it was an abbreviation of Leg Godt, which in Danish translates to “play well.”

Watch the cake video down below:

What do you think of the Lego cake? Would you want to build one using Lego pieces? Let us know!

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