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Tacos are a lot of fun, for a lot of reasons. Who doesn’t love taco night?

One of the best parts of making tacos is all of the ingredients that can be piled into them, but finding enough bowls to fit all the ingredients can sometimes be a challenge.

Photo: Unsplash

Now, there’s a lazy Susan that’s perfect for taco night. It’s designed with tacos in mind and the preparation process just got as easy as can be. Nostalgia Products’ Taco Tuesday Lazy Susan is one of the handiest gadgets that we have come across in quite some time. The unique design will allow you to stash all of your favorite taco fillings with relative ease.

Whether you are someone who likes cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, salsa, or jalapeños, they have got you covered. A 20-ounce warming pot comes in the middle of the device so that you can keep the rice, beans, or queso, at the proper temperature. Thanks to the spinning mechanism, the Lazy Susan is easily placed on the kitchen table and can be shared by all.

Photo: Amazon

All of the pieces on the Lazy Susan are removable, which makes clean up a snap. These people have truly thought of everything, haven’t they? The kit makes the taco assembly process a breeze as well. It also includes four taco holders so the shells remain upright.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

“A timeless tradition made more convenient, family and friends can gather around to enjoy tacos, fajitas, nachos & more with Taco Tuesday Lazy Susan Taco Bar! This unit holds about 2 cups of your favorite cheese, meats, beans, rice, and comes with four taco holders,” reads the description. Head to Amazon right now and grab one of your own!