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The Christmas season can be a tough one for all of the lazy folks out there. Who has the time and energy to handle all of the usual decor concerns that take place around this time of year?

Plus, it can be really hard to find new and fresh ideas for these decorations. That’s why we turn to the internet during these moments of need.

Photo: Pixabay/StockSnap

TikTok is here to help out all those who do not know what decorations to add to their homes or workplaces this year. For example, many of us are unaware of how to decorate our doorways for Santa Claus’ arrival without the usage of a wreath.

Fortunately, @bestofchristmass is here to provide all of the background information that we need in a timely manner.

The alternative that they have come up with is as awesome as it gets. This is your chance to “ditch the wreath” once and for all. We can’t lie to you, we are quite lazy when it comes to the wreaths that we come up with. That’s why this video was so welcome. She starts by using a long piece of fabric. This is how she wraps up the door from top to bottom.

Photo: TikTok/bestofchristmass

Once she adds a smaller piece of fabric for the sides of the door, the door starts to resemble a gift that would be left under the tree. It’s such a brilliant idea, we cannot believe that we have never come across this before. The new “wreath” is not fully complete yet, though. It is now time to add a bow.

In order to pull off this design, the TikTok user grabbed some red fabric and a checkered red and white fabric. That’s not the only method that they had to offer, either. A second video came out after this one, where she used all red fabric. The second design was just as stunning, if not more so.

Photo: TikTok/bestofchristmass

We were sold as soon as we saw the first clip, let alone the first one. It’s the perfect idea for anyone who is looking to switch things up a bit this year.

Watch the videos below to see for yourself:


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