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Doesn’t this Lavender Kisses Cowl just look so cozy? I love the soft yarn and open spaces in this pattern, it really makes this piece look delicate and comfy all at the same time! My favorite part about this project is that you really just need to know one stitch – the double crochet! That’s it! We see how to use this stitch in two different ways, for a repeating pattern of two rows.

This is my favorite kind of project – one that teaches me some new techniques with stitches I already know, and a pattern that I can easily memorize so I can watch my favorite show while crocheting!

You can either start with a chain of 60 followed by a row of double crochets or work a row of foundation double crochet stitches. The foundation double crochet stitches act as both the chain, and a row of double crochet. If you’ve never tried foundation stitching before, you’re in luck! This tutorial starts out showing us step-by-step instructions for the double crochet foundation.

Don’t be intimidated – this technique is really eassy once you get the hang of it, and it saves you a ton of time later on! I don’t know about you, but my least favorite part of a project is crocheting the second row into the chains. It’s difficult to work with and my tension is usually off. Working with foundation stitches eliminates this problem altogether! Go ahead and see how it’s done in the video below, and as always, happy crocheting, friends!

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